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Finding Proper Method

Commercial disputes are inevitable issues in international trade. This means that you will face some problems which may disturb your normal way of movement. These issues are of various natures and depending on the nature of the problem you may need special way for settling them. Arbitration is one the ways for settling the disputes over the commercial cases. Arbitration may be conducted in different method and based on the issues you face; the arbitration methods will be different. Our specialty is to find the best way for arbitration as your case may be.

Enforcing Arbitration Clause

When arbitration is completed and the arbitrator award has been issued, the next step is to enforce the arbitration award. This step may be different based on the underlying contract made between the parties and also the domestic laws and regulation of the country. We will find the proper method for this and also give you our advices for better enforcement to reach your point as the earliest possible time.

Drafting Arbitration Contract

Commercial arbitration has its special issues be it place of arbitration, language of arbitration and also the law governing the arbitration and enforcing the arbitration award. We prepare the arbitration contract for you to cover the maximum expectations of yours in the shortest time, easiest way and most efficient specialty manner.

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